"I was lucky enough to find a tiny niche in a very saturated market"


Kelly Vittengl is more than just a beautiful girl who sells rugs, she has managed to make Frances Loom a name that everyone wants to be associated with. Before Kelly, the rug world was barely a world noticed, and now she has copy-cats trying to ride the wave she has created. Find out who Kelly is, and whats in store for the future of Frances Loom.



Who is Frances Loom? Im sure people think that is your name but lets clarify to everyone that your name is actually Kelly Vittengl. 

Yes! My name is Kelly! You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) the amount of e-mails I receive daily from customers referring to me as Frances. I'm not bothered by it though, I'm thinking I may someday name my daughter Frances. The name actually comes from my mother, it is her middle name. The whole name came about on a random day, almost 3 years ago, I was sitting at my old desk job feeling really inspired. I picked up a pencil and just started writing whatever came into my head, it was the most natural stream of consciousness. Suddenly, "Frances Loom" showed up on the paper and voilé! 





How did you find yourself to become this rug lady? Have you always loved rugs? Or did it all happen accidentally?

Trust me, this was not some grand idea. I have known that I wanted to work in interiors since I was about 5 or 6 years old, I used to watch Martha Stewart on TV as a kid and was so inspired by her. After college I started working in set design, which transitioned to interior design. Through interior design, I started shopping at a lot of antique markets, and I began buying rugs whether a client wanted them or not - I would see too many beautiful pieces that I couldn't turn down. I started posting these rugs to Instagram and it was a snowball effect, the response was huge and very unexpected. In that moment, there was no one curating rugs the way I did and thanks to Instagram, I was lucky enough to find a tiny niche in a very saturated market that took off.


You’re known as the rug slinger. How did that term come about?

It's very funny that the nickname stuck, because it all began as a joke! Right when I first started, my friends and I were always laughing about the fact that I was selling rugs (it was so random! Still is, actually.) I would drive around in my Jeep and it would be stacked with rugs. Friends started calling me the "rug thug" and then "rug slinger" was thrown out and that one just seemed to stick. 



What's next for Frances Loom?

I have been traveling to Europe a lot recently. On my most recent trip, I was shopping some very small flea markets in tiny French towns. The goods I was finding really inspired me to want to expand. Sooooooooo *drum roll*... We'll be expanding into all home furnishings sometime around Spring '17!! I'm so excited about this. Everything will continue to be antique, one-of-a-kind, and hand picked, but we will just become a larger shop.


Do you see yourself living in Los Angeles forever?

I don't. That's not to say I wouldn't settled here in the future (or perhaps have multiple houses, one can dream), but I am such a creature of change that I am not quite ready to stay in one place yet. LA, and Venice in particular, have shaped me into the person I am today, more than I ever expected. I've been conjuring up a way to get my butt to Europe for a little while...


Lets talk love for a second. You have a stunning Italian boyfriend. Can you tell us all how you two met?

Leo! Yes, somehow I have acquired myself the dreamiest dreamboat of a guy. He lives in London, but ironically, we met here in Venice at my favorite bar at 2am. He was here on holiday, and I hate to sound cliché when talking about love, but it was what some may call "love at first sight" -- all joking aside, I believe in past lives and soulmates and what we have is something reminiscent of that. We were inseparable for the remainder of his stay and I booked myself a flight to London 3 weeks later. We now go back and forth, but I'm thinking he might just be that ticket to Europe I was talking about... :) 





What is the most romantic thing he has done for you?

I know this isn't the most conventional answer, but the most important and romantic thing he does is show up for me every day. Even though we spend most of our time apart, he is extremely present and makes sure I know. It's very important when maintaining a long distance relationship. 


What is your secret to life?

Trusting my gut. I really try to listen to myself and what I need, in every aspect of my life, down to the most insignificant details. Whenever I have to make a decision, I will literally stop and think about how I will feel when I do or don't do that thing - from doing a big business collaboration, to taking an unimportant phone call. If it doesn't feel right, I won't do it. I believe that if we can stay as true to our core as possible, that's when the magic happens.