"We realized there weren't many brands with this idea of what coffee has meant to us. The warmth and love it can bring."


What was it like for you growing up? Family, friends, hometown, etc.


I had a really nice childhood! I grew up on Long Island, about an hour east of New York City. We loved going into the city growing up. My mom brought me and my brother and sister to countless plays, musicals and museums. My family was really close and loving. My grandma and grandpa were always over. Grandpa Max would be in the kitchen, always cooking us these huge delicious Italian meals. My dad ran a couple successful whole sale and retail nurseries that I loved growing up at. He and my mom took us on trips near and far: from weekends in Montauk to Egypt, Chile, Switzerland… 


At what point in your life did you decide to move to Los Angeles? Was there a certain “Aha!” moment, or just a built up decision?


I was 19, and modeling in different parts of the world, but I kept coming back to Venice. I remember coming to Santa Monica with my family growing up, thinking, “This is where I want to be one day.” I loved the California lifestyle—the beach, the people, the healthy lifestyle, the food. After working a couple jobs in LA (I got along really well with my agency here, Wilhelmina, and still do to this day!), it just started to feel like home.


It probably helped that I met a guy I had a big crush on at the time, too ;)


We absolutely love your instagram. It seems like traveling, food and coffee are a big part of your life. We also see that your starting a coffee company? Will you give us some inside info on how that came about!


I’ve gotten more and more into coffee since moving to LA. Even more after meeting my boyfriend, Casey. We both end up on the road a lot for work, and coffee's always been this special ritual for us to look forward to—making it for each other when we're both home, and visiting beautiful shops when we travel. 


We realized there weren't many brands with this idea of what coffee has meant to us. The warmth and love it can bring. Casey got into the coffee industry about 2 years ago, and some of the connections he made presented us with this opportunity to make our own coffee. Earlier this year, we just said “Let’s do it!" 


On top of creating something to brighten people’s mornings, we were excited to create something together that we could pour love into and grow over time. It’s been really fun having this new creative outlet, outside of modeling, and I’m so excited for it to launch in a couple weeks! You can follow us on Instagram at @canyoncoffee


Are there certain people in this world that inspire you? 


My mom. She’s so selfless. She gives endlessly to people around her. I’m so grateful for all the gifts she’s given us, from the culture she exposed us to as kids to the importance of living and loving the moment. She’s persevered through so much in her life and is really an inspiration to so many.



Whats one tip you would tell anyone about the secret to life?


Toast ( gluten free) with almond butter and fresh figs. And a good cup of coffee.


Honestly, as cliche as this sounds: practice doing everything with love. That all starts with treating yourself lovingly. Practice that, and pretty soon it starts to make its way into all parts of your life.