When it comes to Manifestation and Well-Being, Lacy Phillips is the woman to go to. She originally came to LA in hopes of becoming an actress but quickly realized that her purpose was far more than being on the big screen. She is one of those magical women who can ease any stress you have built up just by talking through it. She is an expert in manifesting and living life to the fullest.



"It's as simple as thinking it and believing it." 

                                    Lacy wearing the Parker in Drift Jean

Where are you from originally?

I grew up on a ranch outside of Yosemite in the smallest town called Cathey’s Valley. 

How did you decide to make Los Angeles your home base?

I got my first agent when I was seventeen and was coming down for auditions. It just seemed like the natural next step. 

Can you give us a little back story on what it is you do?

I quickly started to realize that I was far more interested in reading about food and herbs (as medicine) than in audition sides. I fired my representation and took a pre-school teaching job for a year to process what I wanted to do with my life. I had always been incredibly into holistic living, so once the school year wrapped, I asked The Universe to show me what to do next. 

All signs pointed to starting FREE + NATIVE. That parlayed into studying herbalism and becoming a holistic chef. Anyone who knew me heard me constantly refer to manifesting this or manifesting that, and that I had my own little process to it. It was one of my clients that asked to try my formula for fun, and they started manifesting one intention after another. They encouraged me to put it out into the world. That’s when I started guiding people through my very own manifestation practice, which varies significantly from the “thought-basted, visualization” Manifestation process we’ve been exposed to in popular New Age literature. 

Someone as in tune as you, you must get so drained from absorbing peoples energies. How do you stay charged and not let all that influence your mood?

I really haven’t totally figured that out yet. It’s a constant subject of progress for me. I’m INCREDIBLY sacred with the time I’m not working, and I have very strong boundaries about not working beyond the time I’ve scheduled to see people. I practice Vedic meditation twice daily to stay grounded and keep my nervous system calm. I use Shungite and a couple of other stones to filter energy for me. And I try to “give energy back as well as collect my own” during a visual mediation. My clients are all amazing. I’m just so sensitive and invested. 


For those who don’t really understand manifestation and the power behind it, can you explain to us what it has done for you and those you work with?

Manifestation is the simple act of creating and materializing one’s reality with clarity, intention, expanded beliefs, and high self-worth. It’s a dance with The Universe that allows one to consciously create. For me, it has brought every single thing I have today: my career, partner, clients, wardrobe… the list goes on. I completely live by it. 

You also know a lot about astrology. How does that tie into your work?

The world of Astrology is so dense and deep. I feel as though I’ve truly only scratched the surface. When it comes to my clients, I can usually tell right away what their sun sign is. And though I’m not an astrologer and one’s chart is very intricate, I do tend to see a lot of similar patters per each sign – when it come s to my manifestation practice. 

You are a firm believer in not relying on a man to solve any voids in your life. What advice can you give to women who are stuck in that reliance and want to break free from it.

We are programmed by society to believe that we must follow a very linear path, and always rely on someone else. However, l believe that true empowerment comes when we are able to strip away all of our reliance and put it back into ourselves, Source energy, The Universe, Intuition, God, whatever one connects with. That’s when all the magic begins happening. But it takes a bit to get there and truly trust it. 

What defines a strong woman to you?

I believe all women are strong in one way or many ways. It’s part of our nature. Resilience and strength. However, the strongest women I’ve encountered tend to be authentic, humble, integrated, and loving towards themselves. 


What advice do you have for girls and women who want to learn more about manifesting, consciousness and astrology?

MANIFESTATION | The first step is clarity. It’s remarkable how many people aren’t crystal clear about subjects they are calling in. If gray, wishy-washy intentions are abstractly floating around one’s mind, gray, wishy-washy subjects show up. 

CONSCIOUSNESS | start with asking, “Why?” To every single belief, thing, person, place, routine, food, interaction, and so on in your life. It’s the starting point, which births expansion. This will help one begin to decipher their own truth. 

ASTROLOGY | check out Danielle Beinstein. She’s one of the most intelligent, grounded astrologers out there. 

What is your secret to life?

Curiosity. Constant curiosity.