This month, we would like to introduce you to Jenna Kristina.  She is an incredible make-up artist who has worked with some of the biggest celebrities, such as Jemima Kirke, Laura Dern, and Holly Hunter.

We love her energy, natural beauty, a laugh that is contagious, and her amazing outlook on life. 



                                                                                                                                   Jenna is wearing the  Naomi in Destructed Black

                                                                                                                                 Jenna is wearing the Naomi in Destructed Black


Where are you from originally?

A small town called Temecula. Its a little north of San Diego.


How did you decide to make Los Angeles your home base instead of NYC?

I started in LA and started developing relationships here. I never really found a point in my career when I wanted to move and start over. I really love the quality of life here too. Being around nature is really important for my soul. 



Have you always been interested in doing make up? How did you get your start?

Yes! I always felt drawn to the artistry. I loved the idea of being able to transform your image/look with makeup. The first time I saw Kevin Aucoin before and after images I was done. It blew my mind. If you haven't seen his Making Faces books you should definitely check it out. I started doing everyones makeup in math/English class. After school and on the weekends I tried to recreate his looks. That led to me getting people ready for dances and then weddings. I would lie about my age because I didn't think people would take me seriously as a 17 year old makeup artist. 


In a career that is so surrounded by exterior beauty, do you ever have moments where it all is just too much to handle? 

I think that initially yes that was a difficult thing to get past. I had thoughts of "how is anything I'm doing in this inducting substantial in the betterment of the world" I had to change my thought process. Whatever energy you feed grows so I decided I needed to look at it differently. I come across so many different walks of life on a daily basis. If we start small with our inner circle whatever we put out has the ability to spread. I try to spread love and joy. I try to find the beauty in everyone and encourage them to see it too. Sometimes we don't know how much a simple smile can do for someone on any given day. Once I started looking at it that way I realized that I could do something I really love and also feel good about it. 



Do you have any female make up artists that you look up to?

There are many female makeup artist I love up to. For Inspiration on creativity its hands down Pat McGrath. She is a BADASS. She keys so makeup of the most incredible fashion shows across the world. Diane Kendal taught me the beauty of simplicity. She's the Queen of flawless skin. 


What defines a strong woman to you?

To me a strong woman is also soft. She stands up for what she believes in but approaches people in a way that can be heard. I really feel like people stop listening when you're yelling. She's a woman that knows what she wants and finds a way to make It happen. She supports and encourages other woman around her. Its no fun at the top if you're by yourself right?



From that definition, what woman in your life embodies that?

I truly feel like my community of woman embody those aspects. I feel beyond grateful for the tribe I've found in Los Angeles. Ive surrounded myself with some badass babes. 


What advice do you have for girls and women who want to become a successful make up artist?

I would say find someone who's styling and career you admire and ask them if you can assist them. There is no easy route it takes a long time to develop your skills and connections. Patience, persistence and hard work. 


What is your secret to life?

haha thats funny. I think I'm still on the path to discovering secrets. So far I really believe in living in the moment. You can't worry about the past because its already happened. You can only learn and grow from those experiences. You can't stress about the future because at any moment everything can change. I really believe that laughter is the best medicine. Im always laughing even at the littlest things and try not to take myself too seriously.  I believe in treating people with kindness and respect. I try to always come from a place of love. If my decisions come from Love I know I wont regret that.